Development and management of commercial real estate

About company

QLP Company was created, as a result of the evolution of a team of associates with extensive experience in commercial real estate. Our team has been involved in creating market-leading properties such as 11 Mirrors Design Hotel and Globe Runner Hotel & Hostel, which are now in QLP’s management portfolio. We offer a full maintenance cycle of commercial real estate – from idea to implementation, including construction and operational management. We participate in projects at various stages: as a consultant, contractor or management company.


Dynamics, creativity, a constant search for innovative solutions, transparency – these are the principles that we follow in business.
Synergy is a principle we use when building relationships with partners and customers. If you: are looking for a project to invest, or have a real estate, but experience a lack of ideas, have ideas, but experience a lack of investment and teams to implement those, have an emerging facility, but want to increase its efficiency – come to QLP. Together we create successful projects!



  • Concept
  • Project of the object
  • Construction
  • Launching

Hotel management

  • Turnkey consulting
  • Distance management
  • Operations management
  • Marketing strategy
  • HR brand
  • Accounting
  • Legal issues

Hotel and restaurant сonsulting


  • Projects consulting
  • Audit
  • Operational activity
  • Marketing strategy
  • Renaming
  • HR brand


Yevgen Luzan


Alexander Babenko


Denys Lazutin


Oleh Godonoga


Tetiana Perepechina

Operations Director

Olga Zoria

Marketing Director

Maryna Brezytska

Financial Manager

Sergiy Palamarchuk

Property Manager

Viktoriia Tokalska

Sales Manager

Sergiy Mohylov

Construction Manager

Tetiana Kalashnik

Project Partner

Our Projects

In addition to a number of projects that are at different stages of implementation, our management portfolio includes:

11 Mirrors Design Hotel

The first Design Hotel in the CIS countries with a strong sense of style and unique brand identity, located in the heart of old and dynamic Kyiv.

11 Mirrors Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

A place with a fascinating view on the historic center of Kyiv, which offers both modern European and Ukrainian cuisine with a touch of gentle Pan-Asian influence.

Globe Runner

A modern hotel hub with urban charm, which combines hotel rooms, dorms and apartments in the heart of Kyiv.

Dva Bobry

A holiday complex by the lake, perfect for romantic and family vacations, and for the large corporate or family celebrations.

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